Ls376/515�carbureted Ls3 Gen Iv V-8  Performance Engine


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Part Number:   19244552
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The LS376 with a race-proven camshaft helps build huge power
in this carbureted combo!

By combining traditional carbureted aspiration with the high-tech
attributesof the LS platform, we�ve developed the ultimate modern engine
for your vintage car or truck�or race car.
It�s the LS376/515!

With the LS3 engine as its foundation, the LS376/515 crate engine uses
the regular-production bottom end, including an aluminum block with
six-bolt cross-bolted main caps, a Corvette oil pan and LS3 cylinder
heads with high-flow, rectangular-port intake passages. To that, we swap
the fuel injection system for a high-rise intake manifold of our own
design, a 770-cfm carburetor (sold separately) and our race-tested ASA
Hot Cam, P/N 12480110.

The new combination is worth 515 horsepower at a stellar 6500 rpm and
469 lb-ft of grin-inducing torque at 5000 rpm. Compared to the
regular-production LS3 and even our LS3-based LS376/480 crate engine,
the ASA Hot Cam gives this combination much more camshaft duration to
hold open the valves longer. It�s a horsepower-building camshaft
designed for the wide-open, high-rpm world of circle track racing and it
means big power for this great crate engine�whether it�s used on the
street or track.

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