Lsa 6.2l Sc  Performance Engine


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Part Number:   19211708
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551 lb.-ft. @ 3,800 rpm 556 hp @ 6,100 rpm

More than 550 supercharged horse-power with exceptional refinement!

The Cadillac CTS-V�s 6.2L supercharged LSA engine delivers 556
horsepower with refinement that is rare in the world of high
performance. It is smooth, quiet and well-balanced � all while
delivering breathtaking power.

A unique aluminum cylinder block casting houses a forged steel
crankshaft and super-tough reciprocating parts, integrated piston-cooling
oil jets and high-flow cylinder heads that support the airflow enabled by
a 1.9L, sixth-generation supercharger with four-lobe, high-twist rotors.
The advanced rotor design broadens the supercharger�s effective range,
enhancing low-rpm torque and high-rpm horsepower.

GMPP�s LSA 6.2L supercharged crate engine package comes fully
dressed, from the top of the charge-cooled supercharger assembly to
the ignition system, water pump, balancer and more. It is a less-costly
alternative to the LS9 engine and makes a great transplant for any off-
road LS-powered vehicle or pre-1979 car or truck. It also comes with
conventional wet-sump lubrication system.

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