Lsx376 (base Assembly)  Performance Engine


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Part Number:   19171049
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Fits On/Installation Notes:

GM has taken the heavy duty LSX block and combined it with the
production LS3 components. This includes the High flow LS3 heads and an
upgraded forged dished piston to keep the compression at 9.0 /1. This
combination creates a high-revving LSX376 crate engine that runs on pump
gas, A unique platform for any project.

The engine delivers exceptional air flow capability in a straight
forward packaging even without any power-adder. The LSX376 is built
without an intake manifold so you can top it with a carburetor or
production-style injection system.

The LSX376 comes with only a dust cover instead of an oil pan so you can
order what is correct to your application. Just one more way to keep
the costs down and not include parts you can't use.

450hp / 444 lb-ft torque
Bore x Stroke 4.065" X 3.622"
9.0 / 1 Compression
LSX Iron Block #19213964
Camshaft - 204/211 Duration .551"/.522 Lift Hyd Roller
LS3 production Heads

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