Zz4 350 Turn-key�with Aluminum Heads  Performance Engine


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Part Number:   19201330
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As far as crate engines go, this one is a winner. The ZZ4 350 Turn-Key crate engine has been one of most popular high performance crate engines since the start of GM Performance Parts. Its legendary status is based on an incredible performance level that is stone cold reliable. They've packed the ZZ4 350 crate engine with a forged steel crankshaft. hypereutectic pistons, hydraulic roller camshaft and lifters, and aluminum cylinder heads. The ZZ4's Corvette-derived high-performance heads feature high velocity intake runners and D-shaped exhaust ports to promote efficient and unobstructed flow through the engine providing strong power and torque at all RPM levels.

The ZZ4 350 is delivered with an aluminum dual-plane intake manifold, HEI distributor, cast iron water pump, damper, and flexplate. The Turn-Key ZZ4 350 crate engine also ships with all the parts you need to get it running. That includes an accessory drive package, fuel pump, chrome air cleaner kit, Holley 750-cfm carburetor, starter, and spark plug wires.

Horsepower: 355 @ 5400 rpm
Torque: 405 @ 3600

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