Zz572/620 Base  Performance Engine


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Part Number:   12498792
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The most powerful Big-Block street engine from GMPP!

The ZZ572/620 is the ultimate expression of GM Performance Parts�
engineering capability.

We build the ZZ572 with huge 4.560-inch bores and add a forged
4.375-inch-stroke crankshaft. To make sure those cylinders are packed
with every cubic centimeter�s worth of atmosphere, we use a camshaft
with incredible 0.632/0.632-inch lift and 254�/264� duration specifications.

For the builder who wants the foundation of this Big-Block powerhouse,
but wants to finish it with the induction system of his choice, we offer
the ZZ572/620 Base engine P/N12498792. It comes with the bottom
end fully assembled � including the forged crankshaft, rods and pistons
� along with the unique 0.632-inch-lift roller camshaft.

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