Zz572/620 Deluxe  Performance Engine


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The most powerful Big-Block street engine from GMPP!

The ZZ572/620 is the ultimate expression of GM Performance Parts
engineering capability.

We build the ZZ572 with huge 4.560-inch bores and add a forged
4.375-inch-stroke crankshaft. To make sure those cylinders are packed
with every cubic centimeters worth of atmosphere, we use a camshaft
with incredible 0.632/0.632-inch lift and 254°/264° duration specifications.

Aluminum rectangular-port heads with 310cc intake passages
complement the airflow capability offered by the big-bore bottom end.
They also feature 118cc raised exhaust ports and 118cc combustion
chambers. The valves are big, too measuring 2.250 inches on the
intake side and 1.880 inches on the exhausts.

GM Performance Parts delivers the ZZ572/620 Deluxe with an 850-cfm
carburetor, HEI distributor, aluminum water pump and distinctive orange
powder-coated valve covers that proudly proclaim the 572 legend.

650 lb.-ft. @ 4,500 rpm
620 hp @ 5,500 rpm

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